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Tähän on kerätty linkkejä tieteellisistä artikkeleista Suomen ilmastoon liittyen. Listaa tullaan päivittämään tarpeen mukaan.

Ilmasto yleensä

  • Boreal Environment Research julkaisee jatkuvasti Suomen ympäristöön liittyviä tutkimuksia.
  • Spatial interpolation of monthly climate data for Finland: comparing the performance of kriging and generalized additive models – Aalto ja muut (2012) [koko artikkeli]
  • FINSKEN: Global change scenarios for Finland in the 21st century – Carter (2004) [koko artikkeli]
  • FINSKEN: a framework for developing consistent global change scenarios for Finland in the 21st century – Carter ja muut (2004) [tiivistelmä, koko artikkeli]
  • Defining alternative national-scale socio-economic and technological futures up to 2100: SRES scenarios for the case of Finland – Kaivo-oja ja muut (2004) [tiivistelmä, koko artikkeli]
  • Climate change projections for Finland during the 21st century – Jylhä ja muut (2004) [tiivistelmä, koko artikkeli]
  • The SILMU scenarios: specifying Finland’s future climate for use in impact assessment – Carter ja muut (1996) [koko artikkeli]

Vesistöt ja sateisuus

  • Hydroclimatic variations over the last millennium in eastern Finland disentangled by fossil Cladocera – Nevalainen ja muut (2013) [tiivistelmä]
  • Modeling the impact of reduced sea ice cover in future climate on the Baltic Sea biogeochemistry – Eilola ja muut (2013) [tiivistelmä]
  • Modeling water table changes in boreal peatlands of Finland under changing climate conditions – Gong ja muut (2013) [tiivistelmä]
  • Tornado Climatology of Finland – Rauhala ja muut (2010) [tiivistelmä]
  • Growing season precipitation in Finland under recent and projected climate – Ylhäisi ja muut (2010) [tiivistelmä, koko artikkeli]
  • National scale assessment of climate change impacts on flooding in Finland – Veijalainen ja muut (2010) [tiivistelmä]
  • Impacts of projected climate change on the thermodynamics of a shallow and a deep lake in Finland: model simulations and Bayesian uncertainty analysis – Saloranta ja muut (2009) [tiivistelmä]
  • Scenarios for sea level on the Finnish coast – Johansson ja muut (2004) [tiivistelmä, koko artikkeli]
  • Impact of Climate Change on the Water Cycle and Nutrient Losses in a Finnish Catchment – Bouraoui ja muut (2004) [tiivistelmä]
  • Trends and Characteristics of Hydrological Time Series in Finland – Hyvärinen (2003) [tiivistelmä]
  • Temporal coherence in water temperature and chemistry under the ice of boreal lakes (Finland) – Järvinen ja muut (2002) [tiivistelmä]
  • A multi-proxy analysis of climate impacts on the recent development of subarctic Lake Saanajärvi in Finnish Lapland – Korhola ja muut (2002) [tiivistelmä]
  • The effects of climate change on the temperature conditions of lakes – Elo ja muut (1998) [tiivistelmä, koko artikkeli]
  • Climate change and water resources in Finland – Vehviläinen & Huttunen (1997) [tiivistelmä]
  • Uncertainties of climatic change impacts in Finnish watersheds : a Bayesian network analysis of expert knowledge – Kuikka & Varis (1997) [tiivistelmä]
  • The effects of climatic change on lake ice and water temperature – Huttula ja muut (1992) [koko artikkeli]
  • On the secular change in water level of lakes in Finland – Simojoki (1961) [tiivistelmä]


  • Plant phenological records in northern Finland since the 18th century as retrieved from databases, archives and diaries for biometeorological research – Holopainen ja muut (2013) [tiivistelmä]
  • Impacts and adaptation options of climate change on ecosystem services in Finland: a model based study – Forsius ja muut (2012) [tiivistelmä]
  • Impacts of climate change on primary production and carbon sequestration of boreal Norway spruce forests: Finland as a model – Ge ja muut (2012) [tiivistelmä]
  • Delayed autumn migration in northern European waterfowl – Lehikoinen ja Jaatinen (2011) [tiivistelmä]
  • Potential alien invertebrate pests in Finland – Saikkonen ja muut (2010), konferenssiraportti [tiivistelmä, koko artikkeli]
  • The influence of weather conditions (temperature and wind) on cyanobacterial bloom development in the Gulf of Finland (Baltic Sea) – Kanoshina ja muut (2003) [tiivistelmä]
  • Lake diatom response to recent Arctic warming in Finnish Lapland – Sorvari ja muut (2002) [tiivistelmä]
  • Impact of global warming on the tree species composition of boreal forests in Finland and effects on emissions of isoprenoids – Kellomäki ja muut (2001) [tiivistelmä]
  • Climatic signal in annual growth variation of Norway spruce (Picea abies) along a transect from central Finland to the Arctic timberline – Mäkinen ja muut (2000) [tiivistelmä]
  • Climate change and macrolepidopteran biodiversity in Finland – Virtanen & Neuvonen (1999) [tiivistelmä]
  • Does global warming threat the existence of Arctic charr, Salvelinus alpinus (Salmonidae), in northern Finland? – Lehtonen (1998) [tiivistelmä, koko artikkeli]
  • Modelling the dynamics of the forest ecosystem for climate change studies in the boreal conditions – Kellomäki & Väisänen (1997) [tiivistelmä]
  • The influence of climate change on the productivity of Scots pine, Norway spruce, Pendula birch and Pubescent birch in southern and northern Finland – Kellomäki & Kolström (1994) [tiivistelmä]
  • The maturation of Pinus sylvestris seeds in relation to temperature climate in Northern Finland – Henttonen ja muut (1986) [tiivistelmä]
  • Climatic Changes, Habitat Changes, and Competition: Dynamics of Geographical Overlap in Two Pairs of Congeneric Bird Species in Finland – Järvinen & Väisänen (1979) [tiivistelmä]

Lumi ja jää

  • Spectral albedo of seasonal snow during intensive melt period at Sodankylä, beyond the Arctic Circle – Meinander ja muut (2013) [tiivistelmä, koko artikkeli]
  • Long term characteristics of simulated ice deformation in the baltic sea (1962–2007) – Löptien ja muut (2013) [tiivistelmä]
  • Impacts of climate change on the risk of snow-induced forest damage in Finland – Kilpeläinen ja muut (2010) [tiivistelmä]
  • Simulated Distributions of Baltic Sea-ice in Warming Climate and Consequences for the Winter Habitat of the Baltic Ringed Seal – Meier ja muut (2004) [tiivistelmä]
  • Influence of the Arctic Oscillation and El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) on ice conditions in the Baltic Sea: The wavelet approach – Jevrejeva ja muut (2003) [tiivistelmä, koko artikkeli]
  • The Influence of Climate Warming on Soil Frost on Snow-Free Surfaces in Finland – Venäläinen ja muut (2001) [tiivistelmä]
  • Impact of climate change on soil frost under snow cover in a forested landscape – Venäläinen ja muut (2001) [tiivistelmä, koko artikkeli]
  • The Baltic Sea ice season in changing climate – Haapala & Leppäranta (1997) [tiivistelmä]
  • The effects of climate change on discharges and snow cover in Finland – Vehviläinen & Lohvansuu (1991) [tiivistelmä]
  • Freeze-up and Break-up of Lakes as an Index of Temperature Changes during the Transition Seasons: A Case Study for Finland – Palecki & Barry (1986) [tiivistelmä, koko artikkeli]


  • Adaptive management to climate change for Norway spruce forests along a regional gradient in Finland – Ge ja muut (2013) [tiivistelmä]
  • Managing cross-country skiing destinations under the conditions of climate change – Scenarios for destinations in Austria and Finland – Landauer ja muut (2012) [tiivistelmä]
  • Impacts of climate change on timber production and regional risks of wind-induced damage to forests in Finland – Peltola ja muut (2010) [tiivistelmä]
  • Effects of changing climate on water and nitrogen availability with implications on the productivity of Norway spruce stands in Southern Finland – Ge ja muut (2010) [tiivistelmä]
  • Climate change and prolongation of growing season: changes in regional potential for field crop production in Finland – Peltonen-Sainio ja muut (2009) [tiivistelmä, koko artikkeli]
  • Late-blight epidemics on potato in Finland, 1933–2002; increased and earlier occurrence of epidemics associated with climate change and lack of rotation – Hannukkala ja muut (2007) [tiivistelmä]
  • Impacts of climatic change on agricultural nutrient losses in Finland – Kallio ja muut (1997) [tiivistelmä]
  • Estimating regional crop potential in Finland under a changing climate – Carter & Saarikko (1996) [tiivistelmä]

Menneisyyden ilmasto

  • Effects of land use and climate change on erosion intensity and sediment geochemistry at Lake Lehmilampi, Finland – Augustsson ja muut (2013) [tiivistelmä]
  • Geothermal studies of the Outokumpu Deep Drill Hole, Finland: Vertical variation in heat flow and palaeoclimatic implications – Kukkonen ja muut (2011) [tiivistelmä]
  • Stability of climate signal in carbon and oxygen isotope records and ring width from Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) in Finland – Hilasvuori ja muut (2009) [tiivistelmä]
  • Conifer pollen abundance provides a proxy for summer temperature: evidence from the latitudinal forest limit in Finland – Huusko & Hicks (2009) [tiivistelmä]
  • Climatic variability along a north–south transect of Finland over the last 500 years: signature of solar influence or internal climate oscillations? – Ogurtsov ja muut (2008) [tiivistelmä]
  • Exorcising the `segment length curse’: summer temperature reconstruction since AD 1640 using non-detrended stable carbon isotope ratios from pine trees in northern Finland – Gagen ja muut (2007) [tiivistelmä]
  • A 11,000 yr palaeotemperature reconstruction from the southern boreal zone in Finland – Heikkilä & Seppä (2003) [tiivistelmä]
  • Multiproxy dendroclimatology: a pilot study in northern Finland – McCarroll ja muut (2003) [tiivistelmä, koko artikkeli]
  • The supra-long Scots pine tree-ring record for Finnish Lapland: Part 1, chronology construction and initial inferences – Eronen ja muut (2002) [tiivistelmä, koko artikkeli]
  • The supra-long Scots pine tree-ring record for Finnish Lapland: Part 2, interannual to centennial variability in summer temperatures for 7500 years – Helama ja muut (2002) [tiivistelmä, koko artikkeli]
  • Holocene Climate Reconstructions from the Fennoscandian Tree-Line Area Based on Pollen Data from Toskaljavri – Seppä & Birks (2002) [tiivistelmä]
  • July mean temperature and annual precipitation trends during the Holocene in the Fennoscandian tree-line area: pollen-based climate reconstructions – Seppä & Birks (2001) [tiivistelmä, koko artikkeli]
  • Rates of Holocene isostatic uplift and relative sea-level lowering of the Baltic in SW Finland based on studies of isolation contacts – Eronen ja muut (2001) [tiivistelmä, koko artikkeli]
  • Climate change of the last 2000 years inferred from borehole temperatures: data from Finland – Bodri ja muut (2001) [tiivistelmä]
  • A Reconstruction of Mid–summer Temperatures from Ring–widths of Scots Pine since ad 50 in Northern Fennoscandia – Lindholm ja Eronen (2000) [tiivistelmä]
  • A Quantitative Holocene Climatic Record from Diatoms in Northern Fennoscandia – Korhola ja muut (2000) [tiivistelmä]
  • Variable Holocene climate, treeline dynamics and changes in natural environments innorthern Finnish Lapland – Eronen ja muut (1999) [tiivistelmä]
  • Anomalously low heat flow density in eastern Karelia, Baltic Shield: a possible palaeoclimatic signature – Kukkonen ja muut (1998) [tiivistelmä]
  • Palaeoclimate and structure: the most important factors controlling subsurface temperatures in crystalline rocks. A case history from Outokumpu, eastern Finland – Kukkonen & Šafanda (1996) [tiivistelmä]
  • The response of sedimentation in three varved lacustrine sequences to air temperature, precipitation and human impact – Itkonen & Salonen (1994) [tiivistelmä]
  • Ice wedges in south-eastern Finland – Donner ja muut (1968) [tiivistelmä]

Muut aiheet

  • Effect of reindeer grazing on snowmelt, albedo and energy balance based on satellite data analyses – Cohen ja muut (2013) [tiivistelmä]
  • Black carbon concentration and deposition estimations in Finland by the regional aerosol–climate model REMO-HAM – Hienola ja muut (2013) [tiivistelmä, koko artikkeli]
  • Situated lifestyles: I. How lifestyles change along with the level of urbanization and what the greenhouse gas implications are—a study of Finland – Heinonen ja muut (2013) [tiivistelmä, koko artikkeli]
  • One year of continuous measurements constraining methane emissions from the Baltic Sea to the atmosphere using a ship of opportunity – Gülzow ja muut (2013) [tiivistelmä, koko artikkeli]
  • Declining trend of carbon in Finnish cropland soils in 1974-2009 – Heikkinen ja muut (2013) [tiivistelmä]
  • The value of scientific information on climate change: a choice experiment on Rokua esker, Finland – Koundouri ja muut (2012) [tiivistelmä]
  • The impact of environmental factors on urban temperature variability in the coastal city of Turku, SW Finland – Suomi & Käyhkö (2011) [tiivistelmä]
  • Changes in summer temperature and heat-related mortality since 1971 in North Carolina, South Finland, and Southeast England – Donaldson ja muut (2003) [tiivistelmä]
  • Incidence of frostbite and ambient temperature in Finland, 1986-1995. A national study based on hospital admissions – Juopperi ja muut (2002) [tiivistelmä, koko artikkeli]
  • Homogeneity adjustments of temperature and precipitation series—Finnish and Nordic data – Tuomenvirta (2001) [tiivistelmä]
  • The spatial variation of long-term mean global radiation in Finland – Venäläinen & Heikinheimo (1997) [tiivistelmä, koko artikkeli]
  • Emissions of CH4, N2O and CO2 from a Virgin Fen and a Fen Drained for Grassland in Finland – Nykänen ja muut (1995) [tiivistelmä]
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